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Every year the Roman-Catholic Diocese of Chișinău gladly enrols in the social-pastoral mission young seminarists of the 5th year of the Theological Roman-Catholic Institute “Saint Joseph” of Iași. Traditionally, during many years, “The House of Providence” enjoys the services of young people involved in the institution’s social assistance programs. We are honoured and glad to present you the seminarists which activate this year within the projects: “The social canteen for elderly people” and “The day-care children centre” and many other activities of the Parish St. Alois Scrosoppi:

gabi.jpg”My name is Gabriel. For more than half a year I am a “volunteer” at “The House of Providence” of Chişinău. Actually, I am in my “pastoral year”, special activity stipulated for my theological formation. I was born in Paşcani, Romania, on the 5th of May, 1989 and I study theology at the Theological Roman-Catholic Institute of Iaşi.
It is a challenge to be involved in the activities proposed by the Charity Foundation “The House of Providence” because my hopes and expectations walk step by step near the realities of the Moldovan society. The realization of some small and common things, insignificant for somebody, makes a daily unique and beautiful experience for others and for me, as well.
Certainly, it doesn’t matter what and how much you do, but how you do this!
I thank God for each beautiful experience I had here, for all life lessons I received and especially for nice people I was surrounded by. Certainly, I will go home at the end of this period richer than I have come!”

Gabriel Hălănduţ, Iaşi-Romania

Eusebiu”My name is Tulbure Eusebiu, I am 23 years old and I am a 4th –year student at the Theological Roman-Catholic Institute “Saint Joseph” of Iași. I have chosen to come to Moldova in this pastoral year in order to meet new people, beautiful places and traditions, different from my home ones.
Even if this year I got out for a moment the exams emotions, although I had the occasion to learn a nice lesson about the activity of Providence. In “The House of Providence” I had the chance to observe the way the Providence’s plans are coming alive with the support and kindness of local people. I believe this new lesson of life will help me both on the way of my personal formation and as a future priest.”

Tulbure Eusebiu, Iași-Romania

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