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After a few hours of travel, we are welcomed by Edgar Vulpe, director of the foundation. A quick tour of the foundation is required before a good night’s sleep to start the day.

Mutual assistance between volunteers is paramount in the Casa, so this is Katherine, a young German who made us start the day by meeting all staff.
Check for almost two weeks, we’ve been able to foresee all the objectives that we could achieve in the Casa, during the month of volunteering. Above all, it was necessary to understand the different tasks were divided between each employee and volunteer. Priority when you belong to the Casa, is that you are flexible, versatile while being meticulous about the different tasks. To better understand what the director was waiting from us, we wanted to tell you about a typical day.
We began by best help anyone who asked. We have prepared the lunch tables that would accommodate 98 elderly. The first service begins, we serve soups and main dishes hot and finally cleaning the room to accommodate the Italian students so they can turn their lunch. We finished the second service by a large cleaning. We now proceed to our lunch in a hurry because a third service happens in the hour after the children. After a versatile aid in the service, cleaning, washing dishes, or storage. It is time to talk a bit with the leaders of the Casa, Edgar Vulpe and Rudica to clarify our mission. So the first objective is defined, updating the website Casa its parts in French and English. The end of the day ends with the children. Preparative full of Easter for the Orthodox, so we’ve helped to create decoration for chocolate eggs. After a few words of French repeated for the brave, a good game of football Franco-Moldovan allowed us to sympathize.

We hope this day allows the reader to understand the issues of the Casa, of helping, sharing, learning, listening, improve, and implement action. We believe we had a rare opportunity to help a charitable foundation as the Casa. This experience has taught us what were the main support and generosity. We never learned as humanly during this experience.

Clémentine Capiten & Morgane Kerleau


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