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seminar-1On June 27, 2013 the Republican Methodological Seminar “School and Church: education partnership” took place in Chișinău. The seminar was organised by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova, the Institute of Education Sciences and the Metropolis of Chișinău and all Moldova. The Roman-Catholic Episcopacy of Chișinău, as partner of the seminar, was represented by Pr. Deacon Edgar Vulpe, who participated in the elaboration of the school religion program, who was part of the experts group, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Metropolis of Moldova and Metropolis of Bessarabia. The seminar’s subject focused on the 1700-year-anniversary since the proclamation of the Milano Edict, as model of tolerance and cooperation between the State and the Church.

Pr. Deacon Edgar Vulpe underlined the importance of the Church’s mission in the field of religious education, specifying the transcendental dimension of the human being, which is not only a “social animal”, not only homo sapiens; man is animated by the Creator’s spirit, “a living soul….with Spirit of life” (Gen 2,7; 1 Cor. 15,45). The Christian religion bases namely on this faith’s truth, as visible expression of our beliefs. Religion is an important component of the culture, which determines the life and social behaviour, inclusively in civic aspects, of citizens’ rights and obligations: therefore, religion cannot be limited to private life only.

With regards to the famous Milano Edict, it is important to mention that the Church faces serious threats in the modern epoch too, which try to impede its salvation mission. The modern persecutions of the generalized relativism and secularization, hidden beyond the syntagmas of new philosophy about the “political correctness”, on one side and the family’s erosion as fundamental institution of the society, the lack of self-confidence and loss of faith are only several problems faced by Christians. And in this respect, the partnership between the Church and the state institutions, especially in the field of religious education, must first of all reflect a fraternal cooperation between Christians, laymen, priests, dedicated persons, who execute the evangelic mission within the Church.


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