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friedensgrund_Logo1Young people from various countries participate in the camp of friendship and peace between nations and religions organized for 23 years by the Diocese of Hildesheim from Germany.

Since 2010 “House of Providence” becomes an active member of the “Friedensgrund” project, host country of the camp, and Moldova hosts for the first time the volunteering program.

This year “Friedensgrund” brought together volunteers from Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. A team of ten young Moldovans have experienced a cultural and spiritual integration, in addition to many fun activities and excursions to the Baltic Sea and the “Hill of Crosses”.

For about 150 young people from Central and Eastern Europe, the last two weeks spent in the International Camp “Friedensgrund” represented a good opportunity to gain new experiences, make new friends, acquire new knowledge and perceive new spiritual feelings, but at the same time provide optimism, support and unconditional moments of joy to people around them. The program was geared towards volunteering activities fulfilled in international groups (improvement of sports field, cleaning up the territory around the local church and the Hill of Crosses and of the park area of Siauliai etc.), in such way creating an effective intercultural and interfaith dialogue for cooperation of youth. The team spirit and the sociability were developed by the cultural evenings, the games in the camp and by the trips to various parts of Lithuania. Participation of young people from Moldova was remarkable, especially given the reliability they have shown in all of the activities, by animating national and international groups, and through the presentations that were made in both the national group and with the participants from other countries.

Natalia Corobcenco

“Participating for the first time in such a project, I tried to cope with all the events. I thank very much the organizers for seting up this event at a such high level. “

Iulia Valoveţ

“The work that I was doing every day, except for the days when we visited new places,  was a little hard at the beginning, then I was waiting for it, because it meant new friendships and communication”.

Magdalena Roşca

„It might sound strange, but spending two of the last weeks of my year of volunteering in an international camp, made me feel more Moldovan than ever before. Surrounded by youth from different countries, working on same projects, starting and ending the day together with a prayer. ”Friedensgrund” built a good atmosphere and an unforgettable summer”.

Katrin Holst

“It was an unforgettable experience, a lesson of self dedication, of patience and peace. Thank you. “

Eugenia Roşca

“There are beautiful things in this world that take their rise in simplicity, goodness, light and inner peace. I can describe this experience as – a beautiful thing that made me realize once again that people need to communicate with themselves, with their peers, and with the Divinity. Spiritual union that was installed between the tents, gathered us and created an invisible connection but palpable by our souls. “

Valentina Craveţ

Today, the camp is perceived as a symbol of intercultural communication.

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