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A local saying states that “Autumn is the season of counting goslings”, but this year the saying for the children of the Day Care Center of Casa Providentei would sound like – autumn is the season of counting school supplies. Due to the efforts of our philanthropists, many children received, at the beginning of September, free satchels and school supplies. We all remember the time when were kids, when every felt-tip pen or extra notebook received was a joy for us. This year, a group of philanthropists from the Bavarian region, Germany, coordinated by Ms. Ingrid Freundl and another philanthropist Ms. Monika Leß, blessed tens of families, but the greatest joy received little pupils. As one joy becomes even greater if it is shared, we did not limit ourselves to the children of the Day Care center of Casa Providentei, and went beyond the borders of the city, and namely in Dubasarii Vechi village, where several families also received school supplies and satchels for their children.

All these actions became possible only due to the Association “Hearts Triumph” led by father Rolf Schönenberger, who is implementing along several years various charitable and humanitarian projects in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Republic of Moldova, an Association that the above-mentioned philanthropists are members of.

May the Lord repay You!

Rodica Negura

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