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On September 21, 2013, at Don Bosco Oratory of Chisinau, took place the 5th edition of the Volunteers Fest, organized by Caritas Moldova, at which participated individuals who voluntarily help people in need, who lack basic material grounds necessary for the day-to-day life, and who need spiritual support as well. They received a rather warm welcome, plus, taking into account that the meeting took place in the morning, the organizers arranged tables with warm drinks and a light breakfast.

Of course, the most important was the speech of the President of Caritas Moldova, Mr. Alfred Weiss and of the Director of Caritas Moldova, Ms. Otilia Sirbu. During the program, the parishes present at the Fest expressed the aspects of the activity program of volunteers and, on their own discretion, presented an artistic play. After lunch, the program continued with the arrangement and presentation of a sketch based on the classic story of the Little Red Riding Hood, interpreted differently according to certain scenes from the current movies. During some breaks, we relished the chance to hear songs played live by some enthusiastic young people. The apogee of the day consisted in the sweet part and namely the cake, after which, of course, came the end of the program and the farewell part.

This day truly inspired me, as it is an affectionate episode in the life of every volunteer, of meeting with those who are facing life burdens and pain, perceiving a small part of other’s cross, as their owns. A Greek saying states: “A civilization blossoms when people plant trees, in the shadow of which they will never stay” and I would like to thank all these people who become the change they want to see in the world, without waiting for laurels.

Eugenia Rosca

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