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Volunteering is not an unpaid work, but a door to new horizons, a life style that brings you gratification, self-satisfaction and the possibility to mark the hearts of people surrounding you. So, the Charity Fund House of Providence announces the recruitment of a new wave of volunteers:

  • Active
  • Initiative
  • Tolerant
  • Creative
  • Responsible

We propose you to participate in the activities conducted within the Day centre for children and old persons, assistance for the needy, workshops, handmade workshops and other activities, which we’ll find together. Be part of our team, gather experience which will further help you in finding a job at your option, but the most important is that we invite you to contribute together to the spreading of social responsibility.
The activity program, as well as, the activity field is at your option.
Did we convince you? Than we are waiting for you to be part of our team!

You deserve more than you allow you to have!

Learn more about our organization here: www.casaprov.org

Contact data:
Rodica Negură, phone No.: 022 581 970, e-mai: casaprovidentei@gmail.com

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