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“A HUMAN FAMILY, FOOD FOR EVERYONE!” – it is the name of a world campaign, initiated by Caritas Internationalis, which obtained the Papal blessing.

This solidarity movement started Tuesday, December 10. The event was also observed within the Foundation House of Providence by celebrating the Holy Mass conducted by Bishop Anton Cosa with the participation of collaborators of the National Bureau Caritas Moldova, the Foundation Regina Pacis, the European Education Centre for Children and Youth “John Paul II” and beneficiaries of its social canteen.
The Bishop introduced a considerable significance to this moment, mentioning how merciless the man can be with the hungry ones, when it throws out the food. He also cited the words of Pope Francisc addressed to Director General of FAO (United Nations Organization for Nourishment and Agriculture): “It is scandalously that our world still faces hunger and malnutritionness, fact that makes the most serious challenge of humanity: the tragic condition in which continue to live millions of hungry and undernourished persons, among which a lot of children”.
Actually, it is a cruel and horrible reality if mankind continues to develop only materially and not spiritually – in solidarity, tolerance and generosity.
The respective campaign is not a call to collect and distribute food, but also to change our mentality and vision about how we use “our daily bread”. Everyone’s receptiveness, regardless of how significant it will be, is a step in saving thousands of needy persons.
The message of Caritas Internationalis’s President, Oscar Andres Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, can be watched here:

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