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Council to prevent and eliminate discrimination and ensure equality has organized a meeting with the participation of associations from our country who work in assisting people with disabilities. During the discussions were presented proposals on forms and methods of cooperation, which will be reflected in the rules on partnership with civil society and implementation of the corresponding law.
Mention that the regulatory framework, in cases established legally, punishes discrimination in different areas and on different criteria such as race, color, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, sex, age, disability, political affiliation, social origin, property, health, etc.. Council aims to monitor cases of discrimination, in priority to the most vulnerable, people with disabilities, the elderly and other categories.
We mention also that among the various social groups, the law requires and the criterion of “sexual orientation.” This has caused many protests and contradictory opinions in society and the media. Catholic Church criticizes amendment that equates the social categories and so-called “sexual orientation”, thus imposing society, equivocally, rules of ethical behavior inadequate.
Roman Catholic Church and its social institutions will cooperate with representatives of referred Council and civil society organizations to eliminate social discrimination, primarily of the needy. At the same time, the Church will continue to monitor and legislative processes and everyday practice in this area to minimize the risks and consequences caused by the introduction of the mentioned amendment, pointing out that the common good is the reason to be political authority and not political-economic conjuncture.
Representing Catholic social institutions, the meeting was attended Otilia Sirbu, director of Caritas Moldova and Deacon Edgar Vulpe, director of the Charity Foundation “Casa Providenței”.

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