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On March 13, 2014, His Holiness Anton Coșa, Bishop of the Roman-Catholic Diocese, celebrated in Bălți the consecration of the European Centre for Pre-School Education ”His Beatitude Alfonso Maria Fusco”. To be mentioned that, starting with September 2013, the new European Centre for Pre-School Education, named in honor of the founder of the said Congregation, His Beatitude Alfonso Maria Fusco, opened the doors for 42 children of 3-4 years old.

This event, important for all Diocese, was attended by priests, devoted persons, believers of Bălți, partners, colleagues of other similar institutions, representatives of the local authorities and, not least of all, by the parents and their children of the Centre. In the event also participated the representative of His Holiness Marchel, the hierarch of Bălți and Fălești Eparchy of the Orthodox Church of our country.

Having a brief presentation of the history of education activities for children of Bălți community, the Father Deacon Edgar Vulpe mentioned the special importance within the implementation of some specific activities, of an inter-dependent synergy between the spiritual charisma, the evangelic mission and ministry, on one side and the efficient organization, modern education methods, juridical and financial administration, on the other side. In this regard, the organizational-juridical form of the European Centre for Pre-School Education of Bălți corresponds to the new stage in the realization of the education mission of the local Church. And the efficient cooperation between different structures and communities will guarantee the continuous development and improvement of the provided services.

Father Jacek Puć, Vicar of the Catholic community of Bălți, specified the aspects of a rapid and providential evolution of these peculiar activities, which surprise us. “What was several years ago only a dream, became reality! At the same time, it means a reconfirmation of an engagement, with new forces, in new conditions, in common accord with all realities for the continuance of our mission”, the Vicar stated.

The Divine Providence took care of the children of Bălți and the partners and philanthropists of the Foundation and Congregation manifested in practice a considerable and indispensable support for the beginning of the activities. To the first call for support answered Caritas Viena from Austria, the German Foundations Kindermissionswerk and Stern Stunden, due to which was possible the acquisition of things necessary for the equipment of the building, including the furniture, outfit, education materials, for the Centre’s activity, for children food and for the employment of the qualified personnel.

The social institutions of the Roman-Catholic Church of Moldova will continue the implementation and development of the education projects addressed to children and young people of our country, hoping for the construction of a solid platform of partnership with other organizations too, inclusively with the state institutions.

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