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Within April 7-10, the Association “Christian Initiative for Europe” – www.freiwilligendienst.de, organized a practical seminar in Dresda city. During 25 years, the organization promotes the international volunteering in favor of social and charity projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Due to the partnership with this organization, for the last years, several German volunteers activated and continue to activate within the social projects of the House of Providence. Especially, it is worthy to mention the responsible engagement and the sincere kindness of Germany’s young people: Katrina Holst, Rebecca Oehme and Michaela Schirrmeister, who dedicate themselves to the mission of the House of Providence along other volunteers, together with the hired personnel and the community of the Sisters of Providence.
Director of the Charity Fund the House of Providence, Father Deacon Edgar Vulpe, participating in this event, mentioned the importance of establishing sincere relations with the candidates which want to realize a volunteering activity in the social institutions of Moldova. It is very important to specify (anticipatorily, before the arrival of the volunteer in the country) all aspects related to the organization of work, schedule, motivation, ethic criteria, life conditions and others. All these together will contribute decisively both to the edification of the volunteer’s services for the good of the poor persons and the positive realization of personal aspirations and human development of the volunteer.
CIE Association of Dresda promotes different social activities of the charity institutions of Central and Eastern Europe, where is necessary the volunteers’ assistance, in which German young people could involve too. The programs of the international volunteering are also partially supported by the German state, promoting in such a way the principles of solidarity. The period of volunteering service constitutes 1 year.
In Republic of Moldova there are also different associations which activate in the field of volunteering, both for the beneficiaries of our country and for the international ones. Resulting from the recruitment experience of many volunteers of Moldova and from abroad, the Charity Fund the House of Providence recommends, for a cooperation in this field, the Association of International Volunteering – www.avimd.org and the Public Association ”ADVIT” – www.voluntariat.md/rom/advit.html. Due to the mentioned cooperation, volunteers of Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Poland activated during many years within the social activities of the House of Providence.


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