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During the period of May 15-17, 2014, Moldova was visited by the Special Speaker of UNO, concerning the freedom of religion, Mr. Heiner Bielefeldt, who has already visited our country in 2011 and presented a detailed Report within the General Meeting of UNO in January 2012 about the observance of the religious freedoms in Republic of Moldova. Being delegated by Bishop Anton Coșa to present the position of Roman-Catholic Episcopacy of Chișinău, Father Deacon Edgar Vulpe mentioned, within the meeting with Mr. Heiner Bielefeldt, different aspects of cooperation with the civil society and the state in realizing religious, social and charity activities, carried out by the Catholic Church and its institutions in Republic of Moldova.
There were especially mentioned the considerable improvements in the procedure of documentation of foreign citizens – attendants of the Catholic Church of the country. The higher representative of the UNO was also informed about the positive dialogue between the Roman-Catholic Episcopacy and the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Moldova, concerning the creation of new component parts and the registration of their Statutes. It was mentioned the support of the Catholic Church in close cooperation with the Orthodox Church, within the integration process of the optional discipline ”Religion” in the school education institutions.
Within the dialogue, Father Deacon Edgar Vulpe specified the tendency of Moldovan authorities and some associative groups to reduce, in the absence of knowledge and an adequate training and with references to the most excessive liberal experiences, the religious organisations of the country, especially, the traditional Christian Churches, the Orthodox and Catholic ones, to simple public associations, neglecting so the mission, importance and role of religion in the society. Within the round-table, attended by religious organisations, conducted on the occasion of the visit in our country of the higher guest, Father Deacon Edgar Vulpe mentioned the largely spread practice of tendentious and wrong presentation in mass-media of the religious activities and initiatives, as well as, inadequate and groundless criticism, which reflects only the position of some lobby and minorities groups, especially, with regards to the education and Christian moral.
Mr. Heiner Bielefeldt was informed about multiple and different social projects of the charity institutions constituted by the Roman-Catholic Church of Moldova. At the same time, the guest was informed about the process of litigation between the Episcopacy and the Moldovan Government, concerning the return of properties confiscated during the Soviet period. By the way, the Special Speaker of UNO mentioned that any discriminatory practice of return of the properties of religious communities must be inversed, motivating the Government to regulate these processes in accordance with international law and practice. Mr. Heiner Bielefeldt will mention the presented things, as well as, the appropriate recommendations, within the text of the next UNO Report, with regards to the freedom of religion in Republic of Moldova.
The case of the Roman-Catholic Episcopacy against the Moldovan Government is being examined by the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

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