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In the time from the 21.Juli – 1. August 2014 the Casa Providentei organized a summercamp for children from the 1st till the 6th class with the topic „Cireșele Copilărie” (Cherry´s childhood). Cireșele Copilărie is a theater written by the famous romain autor Ion Creanga. Not only the children were expecting this camp also the 25 national and international volunteers. During the two weeks the children get knowledge about Nică´s (figure out of story) childhood experiences in small theatres and were thinking about their lives with the volunteers. The message was: It is important to have human, moral and spiritual relations.
What does it mean to be a friend, to give, to be correct, to be respectful towards other people and nature, to listen to the parents etc. These were the questions for which the children searched answers every day.
The program contained also other numerous proposals e.g. to do handicrafts, to dance, competitions, to sing, different games, excursions and much more to promote the community and the creativity of children. The big and sincere smile of the children stuck on us and let us remind to the magic and secret of our own childhood.
These two weeks were filled with unforgettable experiences for the children and for the volunteers and the insight that the cherry of the life is the childhood.

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