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During August 12-16, at “Casa Providentei” around 200 people of different ages beneficiated of free medical services, both dental care and optometric services.
The group of medical doctors from Germany, who provided their dental care services, is composed of Dr. Rames Neshet Sabieh, Elke Forst (Assistant), Pr. Markus Dördelmann (Assistant), and Vladislav Pojednoi ( Assistant and Interpreter). Every year, this team is helping hundreds of people from various institutions. The last year they provided dental care services in several penitentiaries, this year they are working in social centers. Daily, around 20 people were coming at “Casa Providentei”, enjoying free consultations and services, as well as teeth extractions and treatment of simple caries.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and in order for them to continue to reflect the light, two medical doctors from Italy, Mr. Boncore Marco, together with his wife and assistant, Luiza, provided again this year free optometric consultations to the beneficiaries of “Casa Providentei”. The provided services consisted of consultation and diagnosis of visual impairments and, if needed, patients were provided glasses, an amazing gift for most of them.

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