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This year, as of 25th anniversary, in its structure and agenda has been done several changes. Thus, for the first time the organizers have moved the activities from an open air space and stay in tents, into a pension from the city of Helmstedt. As in previous years, this camp has united youngsters from Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia, Romania, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.
Considering that this year is the last edition of Friedensgrund Camp, the organizers have presented the concept of the new project “International Youth Meeting”, which represents a more serious approach and as venue will have Germany.
Activity agenda of Friedensgrund 2014 was split into 2 parts. In the first one
the participants have worked, have prepared presentations for the intercultural evenings and have say “Good Bye” to the Friedensgrund via a spectacular festivity. The second part was dedicated to the launch of the new project, and considering that this
new concept asks for a topic to be assessed, for this year was chosen to be –The Borders.
The participants were very receptive towards this change, which is mostly
a provocation for the participants as well as for the organizers. The reflections and analysis that were supposed to be done by the youngsters over the proposed topic, were based on the history of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where later on the participants have done the pilgrimage.
The common work, the presentations over the proposed topic, sight seeing, times of praying, which melodies rooted in the everybody’s mind, the funny moments which have cheered the atmosphere, all these have left great memories in everybody’s heart and soul. The fruits of lived days were felt daily. There were no more borders or barriers
which would bother an open and active communication between the participants.
During 25 years this camp was contributing to elimination of the myth that many different cultures can’t coexist. Through social work and spiritual involvement of each person the results of such meetings will continue to live in the lives of hundreds of youngsters who found here new friends and have learned a lot of new, useful and very
interesting things.

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