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Tuesday, October 14, 2014, in her position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Republic of Moldova, Stela Stîngaci presented the accreditation letters to His Highness and Excellence Fra’ Matthew Festing, Prince and Great Maestro of the Sovereign Military Hospitable of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodos and Malta.
Within the Official Audience with His Highness Fra’ Matthew Festing, the Ambassador Stela Stîngaci thanked for the social and humanitarian assistance offered to the indigents of our country during the years, of many charity initiatives, expressing the interest of Moldovan authorities for the continuous development and strengthening of relations with the Sovereign Order of Malta and realization of new social projects.
In his turn, His Highness Fra’ Matthew Festing mentioned that the decision of Moldovan authorities to accredit an Ambassador to the Sovereign Order of Malta opens a new chapter in the parties’ relations and confirmed the Order’s availability to develop a very close cooperation with our country, especially, in the social and humanitarian fields.
The Great Maestro of the Order specified: “Today the the Sovereign Order of Malta offers medical, social and humanitarian assistance in more than 120 countries. Due to 13.500 members and with the inestimable support of 80.000 volunteers and 25.000 doctors, medical assistants and para-doctors, the Sovereign Order of Malta administrates hospitals, health centres, ambulatory units, institutions for elderly and disabled persons. Malteser International, which is the Agency for humanitarian and social assistance at world level of the Order, is on the first line in case of natural calamities and in the redemption of armed conflicts’ consequences. ”
The diplomatic network of the Sovereign Order of Malta is the operational instrument of its humanitarian activities. This allows to be an active member of the international community and to be helpful through its hospitable activity. In Republic of Moldova, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta, ES Peter Canisius von Canisius opened recently a social canteen in Chișinău, where are offered monthly 1000 lunches to indigents. This project was initiated on June 2, 2014 in partnership with the Charity Fund “The House of Providence”, which offers for many years social and material assistance to different categories of beneficiaries, especially, to children and elderly persons. As a result, due to our generous benefactors, besides other social services, since June 2014 the House of Providence offers daily over 150 lunches to indigents of the municipality.
For the Christmas period, the Ambassador of the Order also planned the distribution of food paper bags to the poor people.
God bless our generous benefactors!

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