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All of us believe that Christmas is a holiday when we are delighted to give and receive presents, a holiday of unforgettable moments spent in the bosom of our families. That was exactly the surprise for the beneficiaries of “Social canteen” project on the 10th of December. The gift bags were filled with sweets, fruit, rice, sunflower oil, biscuits, pasta and plenty of other food and given to those 200 of elderly men and women by the Sovereign Order of Malta. “I have never received such a big and nice gift from a complete stranger, which is not a relative of mine! Thank you for taking care of us!”, a beneficiary of the canteen, Mrs. Maria says with her eyes full of joy.

The Foundation serves as a real home for many people in need, where they can feel care, attention and respect. Certainly, we cannot succeed in filling all the gaps in their souls, but we are doing our best to ease their burden of difficult years. And as on Christmas Eve not only children are those who are pleased to receive sweets and gifts, not only they pass from door to door bringing good tidings of Nativity of the Savior, but a group of brave carolers in spite of the declining years succeeded yet more in warming up the hearts of those present with a fine carol. Words cannot express the whole happiness of those who received presents and those who gave them.

We want to thank our generous benefactors, to thank the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta in the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Peter Canisius von Canisius, and his wife, Mrs. Birgit Kertess von Canisius, for this gesture of solidarity with those in need, for happy smiles on the faces of the elderly men and women, children and everyone who is in great need of our care and love. Let the Lord reward you!

 Rodica Negura

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