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      My name is Aurélie, I’m French and almost 23 years old. I’m a master degree student in health law. I chose to come to Casa Providentei to discover a new legal system and a new health system, and to be involved in a social action.

        Here, I’m doing a lot of different activities. Thus, I participate to the daily life activities of the association: I help to deliver the lunch to the poor and the elderly, I make recreational activities with children (English class especially), I get involved in the activities of the elderly of the daily care center. Each member of the team is really engaged and nice with me. Even if I don’t speak Romanian and Russian, they take the time to explain what I need to do as well as the global functioning of the association. There’s always someone who speak English or who is ready to translate for me, otherwise the sign language works pretty well also!

      But I also have the occasion to broader my point of view by discovering the Moldovan health system in general. For example, I already had the occasion to discover the running of pharmacies in Moldova. I also follow the actions of Caritas each week, as well as a lot of other associations which deal with health and social issues, which is perfect because it perfectly matches my degree. It gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of different persons.

       Moldova is a really nice country to discover. I had never been to Eastern Europe before, it’s not that different from my home, but it still is pretty exotic. Moldova is a country of contrasts, with two languages and two cultures which are mixed together. It’s very rewarding to come here and discover them.

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