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             There are already 12 years since Edgar Vulpe activates in the position of director of the Charitable Fund and Social Centre „House of Providence”. In December 2008, he was ordained by Bishop Anton Coșa as permanent deacon. Besides the administration of the House of Providence, Father Deacon is the supply manager and chancellor of the Roman-Catholic Diocese. He is married and has three children.

            –   How can be determined your administration style?

         –  The Christian philanthropy realised within our activity is based not so much on the obligation of conscientious execution of the professional or civic duty, as on the aspiration to fulfil the Christian calling to holiness. Exactly! Because the holiness and perfection God called us to are not only for somebody; it is a challenge for everyone. Moreover, this is the necessity of mankind! Another important element in my managerial approach consists in understanding my mission, which was also entrusted me by the Church. If I could say so, in my activity I hinge on God’s blessing, given to me by my Bishop, His Holiness Anton Coșa. Because of this reason, my rules are very simple: I believe everything is possible in this world with God’s help. And this means we are able to improve our life. We can influence the lives of people surrounding us, especially of those who expect us to do this. The people who come to the House of Providence look at us with hope, which strengthens our aim to be useful instruments in the hand of Divine Providence. No matter what I do, starting with planning my budget, staff issues till the search of financial means and accounting, I try to transform these actions through my spiritual attitude towards the reality. This fact can also be expressed by these words: the mind analyses and reasons and the heart takes the decisions. At the same time, the “process” has to be harmonious. How can be called such an administration style? Probably “conscious”, “spiritual” or “integral”. Although, these psychological styles are only the shadow of what we really are. Like any other person, conscious of the possible rests of ignorance, illusions and delusions, which constitute the root of all evil, the administrator can change and accept the truth, which makes him free. He is able to create.

           –  Which are the most evident manifestations of the Divine Providence in the life of your organisation? Tell us about the miracles of the House of Providence.

         –  In order to be correctly understood, I want to mention that, for me, a “wonder” is an event or phenomenon, which can not be explained from the point of view of general rules and laws. For example, in the House of Providence we repay evil with good. And this operates! In fact, a miracle takes place when negative emotions disperse like sand in the water! You can do a good thing just smiling or trying to understand someone’s needs, in order to offer a good help. And our social workers can do such miracles! Our philanthropists are sent to us by God. Because help always comes from where we least expect. And this is a miracle! But the greatest miracle is my colleagues. Each of them came in a wonderful way to the House of Providence. Each has its wonderful story! Each is sure that God has called him to this mission! But the most extraordinary miracle is our cooperation with the Sisters of Providence! Believe me, it is God’s grace on which is based such a harmony and efficient cooperation between mothers and laymen. For me, it is God’s blessing to work with such wonderful sisters – Betty, Mihaela, Rosetta! What is more, sister Betty, my right and left hand, is born on the same day I was born on – the 12th of May. And this is a miracle too!

            –  What motivates you in your activity?

           –  Earlier I was motivated by accomplishing certain results. But during the last years it is the strong desire to learn something new and useful for my activity. It is a conscious aspiration to self-development and discovering the personal creative potential. The consciousness of the fact that the man is the image and likeness of God and His calling to holiness and perfection really inspires me. At the same time, an indescribable feeling of gratitude is born, inclusively for the difficult, sometimes dramatic moments of my professional or personal life. Even mistakes become possibilities of development. All these have an incredible positive impact on the activity I am responsible of. Therefore, motivation is a process, not a result. Of course, there are complicated moments, when the mind refuses to accept some motivational arguments. In such situations, I come before God as “poor in spirit”. I address to my heart. The prayer and contemplation becomes my life belt. May the contemplation be my major motivation? Yes, contemplation, devotional attention or meditation, which the Fathers of the Church called the “prayer of the heart”. In fact, after a certain practice, it inspires me not only in my job, but in my life, which is cooler than self-development and perfection!

              –  What do you wish for your organisation in the next future?

          –  Taking into account our fundamental mission of offering an unlimited assistance, first of all to the needy elderly and children, I strongly hope that we’ll be able to continuously realise our existent social projects. With regards to the working methods, especially in the field of cooperation and partnership, these must become more creative and different. First of all, I mean cooperation with the state organisations in the realization of social programs. And even if sometimes it seems that the social assistance and protection are not the major directions of the activity of our state structures, I am sure such an interaction may improve considerably the condition of thousands and thousands unfortunate, needy and suffering citizens. I also hope for the continuous development of the consciousness of citizens activating in the House of Providence – the personnel, sisters, volunteers. Moreover, the consciousness of philanthropists, as well as of those whom we serve, is very important. Because we are all together brothers and sisters! And it is not an emotion! I really believe that the unifying aspect of human relations is the love of God and not our intentions, even the best ones. “Because” of God we are brothers and sisters! Not we, but He is the first reason of our unity. Because of this, it is very important to understand this truth, carrying out our mission and becoming conductors of God’s love, which unites and liberates us. I wish to everyone, who is somehow involved in the House of Providence, love and freedom! A true love and a true freedom in God!

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