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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, it was a beautiful little town, as many other towns in the world. It had many houses and especially many streets, leading to the king’s castle. Although it had almost everything as the other towns had, it was different in a way, because everything in the town was of gray color. It was a very sad and monotonous dark gray. The streets, houses, everything was gray, even the castle of the king, even the inhabitants…”in this way the “Paint your life in colors” Summer Camp began, which took place between 13 and 18 of August, at the House of Providence. One hundred of children, guided by 25 volunteers daily, discovered a human value, associated to a color, filling up the gray castle with a colorful rainbow, from the first day. The little scenes presented by the volunteers, discussions, games and workshops, all were coming to complete one of the discovered value.

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The first day was dedicated to the WISDOM and to the ENTHUSIASM and children have proposed several commitments, namely to eliminate from their lives even one gray attitude, starting to live these six days of camp with enthusiasm.

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Then there appeared the FAITH, explaining to the children that it is not a place for her only on Sunday or holidays, but also it should have the most important place in their lives. God is not only an idea but a person we must meet. Thus, children were encouraged to discover three gifts they have received from God this day.

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The third day brought such values as GENEROSITY and PURITY. Children understood that selfishness keeps them unconnected and being generous is a way to become happier, and also for their beloved people. Is important to keep the Purity not only outside, but also inside, through words, thoughts and deeds.

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The COURAGE and HOPE are values discovered and felt by children in the fourth day. Dynamic activities that took place in the “Forest of hopes” were just right to test their courage and understand that it is the fear that makes them see huge problems.

To the end, children finally understood how beautiful is the SOLIDARITY, when working together as a team or when they try to give a helping hand to those who fail.

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Thus was created a rainbow of values where children have lived with enthusiasm every day, bravely exceeded the competitions and filled with joy the parents’ hearts by relating about everything they saw and felt in an animated way, and also were helped at workshops, they believed in the strength of their team giving hope to the weakest ones.

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The Summer Camp rediscovered all these values not only for children, but also for the volunteer team, which this year was an international one. In this way, we would like to say thanks to all the volunteers for their dedication – Adelina, Alexandrina, Daniela, Mihaela, Vladislava, Lina, Dana, Marius, Julian (Germany), Olga (Germany), Audrey (France), Tommaso (Italy), Ion, Cătălin C., Vlada, Colea, Iulia, Charles (Cameroon), Olivia, Cătălina, Camelia, Grișa, Vasilica (Romania), Cătălin G., Veronica.

Rodica Negura

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