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The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova awarded the status of a socially useful entity to the Charitable Foudnation ‘Casa Providentei’ once more, thus acknowledging the value and significance of social and charitable services offered to those in need, lonely elderly people, children and youth within multiple projects. ‘Casa Providentei’ founded by the Roman Catholic Diocese received this status of a socially useful entity for the first time in May 2007, as a results of amendments made to its own legal framework. The procedure of this status award specifies a range of legal actions, inclusive of presentation of the information and data of administrative and financial nature.

Award of the status of a socially useful entity has a great significance for civic associations, foundations and other organisations, since it reflects the importance of partnership between the state and institutions of civic society, this illicitly contributing to efficacy and quality of social services that are of crucial importance for all the people, particularly for those ones, who need our help most of all.

Information: the Certification Board under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice is a collegial body composed of 9 members, 3 of them are appointed by the President of the Republic of Moldova, 3 are appointed by the Parliament and 3 are appointed by the Government. They are appointed for a 5-year period.

Edgar Vulpe

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