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The 19th International Congress ‘Renovabis’ took place in Friesen (Germany) from the 2nd to the 4th of September and there participated circa 400 persons from approximately 30 countries. The Republic of Moldova was represented by a delegation that included, as well, ‘Casa Providentei’ in its composition.


Unemployment of the young people from Southeast Europe and migration issues motivated the hosts to focus their attention on the young people, so, there was chosen the theme of the Congress – ‘Young People from Eastern Europe – what is their future?’ that represented their vision of life and faith. There were arranged 8 discussion groups during those days and they discussed such topics as:

  • Education – equal access and opportunities for everybody
  • Family and career: time challenges
  • Health and living conditions
  • Role of the Church and value of the faith
  • Social inclusion, equal opportunities


At the end of the Congress, Archbishop of Cracow (Poland) sent everybody invitations to participate in the World Youth Day that would take place in Krakow the following year and where the young people all over the world would meet Pope Francis to receive mission and blessing of the Church to spread the happiness of the Gospel among all people.

Rodica Negura


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