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The Charitable Foundation ‘Casa Providentei’ took part in the third Festival ‘Civic Fest 2015’ that comprised two thematic 2 days this year:

– Community development – work intelligently, live better
– Our people mean our future – let us build a society for everybody


On the first day, there were touched on such topics as: social entrepreneurship in action – challenges and opportunities; empowering the women – a key to the sustainable progress; food safety and protected consumers; and, of course, the open space: ‘Let us change Moldova through awareness of civil society’s responsibility.


The second day was carried on in Orheiul Vechi Reservation, where a fair of the NGOs took place, during which ‘Casa Providentei’ and other successful NGOs from the Republic of Moldova presented their activities. There were also presented civic practices and initiatives aimed to environmental protection, to natural historic preservation and to promotion of environmental culture within our communities. There took place a joint action on planting of greenery in the ‘Alley of Happiness’, cleaning of the Raut river, information sharing sessions for local inhabitants on importance of separate waste collection and on promotion of environmental culture. Certainly, the volunteers of ‘Casa Providentei’ took part in those events too.


There was also realised a workshop ‘Congratulations on the Day of Older Persons’ celebrated on the 1st of October, wherein both children and adults took part in making the congratulations for older persons from the day care centre for the elderly of ‘Casa Providentei’.


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