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Today ‘Casa Providentei’ founded by the Chisinau Roman Catholic Diocese celebrates the 13th anniversary of its activity, full of the most beautiful memories and distinguished through the most prominent persons. The employees, volunteers and beneficiaries of ‘Casa Providentei’ showed close cooperation and fraternal communion with the Congregation of Sisters of Providence, whose founder, Blessed Alois Scrosoppi, was born namely that day of the 5th of October 1804, and, as well, with Saint Alois Scrosoppi Parish founded later.


In the Church named after that Saint, the hierarch of the Roman Catholic church from our country, Beatissime Pater Anton Cosa served a thanksgiving liturgy, whereat there took part the parson Pr. Stefan Socaciu, priests and consecrated persons, faithful people of the parish community, employees and volunteers of ‘Casa Providentei’, Sisters of Providence, guests and beneficiaries of the Foundation.


The Chisinau Congregation of Sisters of Providence is composed of 3 sisters, who devoted their lives to ministry and charity by helping the poor and sick, and to children education. We hereby express our gratitude to them once more for their earnest devotion to servicing those in need.


On this holiday, we, alongside with all the people, received through intermediation of Saint Alois Scrosoppi God’s blessing that overwhelmed our hearts with joy, light, warmth, love and peace.


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