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The International Day of Older Persons was celebrated at ‘Casa Providentei’ during two days, and so it happens when we have a large family. The most industrious and, as well, the most lovely ones were the children from the European Centre of Preschool Education, who came with musical-theatrical congratulations and immediately won the hearts of older people, making them laugh until cry. But did not stop even there and took it a step further. Being supported by their parents and educators, they gave the presents to all grandparents of what they liked the most – SWEETS. This was a joy fully shared by grandchildren and grandparents.


Pretty surprises continued on the second day too but that time those, who drew thousands of applauses once upon a time at various stages, not only in Moldova, came on their day to enchant all the beneficiaries of the social cafeteria with a performance from a heart to a heart. Amusing moments were present that day too. The greatest surprise was a small recital of classical music offered by our volunteer from Germany Elena, and older people immediately fell in love with her and overwhelmed her with applauses and hurrays.


We should mentioned that circa 150 older people come to the social cafeteria of ‘Casa Providentei’ every month, in order to take a free-of-charge meal but this year we managed to bring holiday to the hearts of 300 older people. We thank everybody, who did not remain aloof about the command given by Jesus: ‘As I have loved you, so you must love one another!’

We wish all older people to have peace and joy!

Rodica Negura


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