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From 16 February 2016 on, the charitable organisation „Casa Providenței” has obtained the status of Receiving Organisation for Volunteer Activities, granted by the Committee of Certification of Receiving Organisations for Volunteer Activities (CCIGAV) from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova.

The accreditation represents the official confirmation that the organization is able to fulfill the duties of a receiving organisation for volunteer activities, which means that it has now the right to eliberate Volunteer IDs and other means of recognition of volunteer activities. This certificate of accreditation likewise offers the possibility of a more efficient and dependable work with national as well as international volunteers.

The volunteers themselves gain experiences in the social, cultural and educational domain, learning new abilities in communication and promotion of solidarity. By means of the receipt of the Volunteer ID, they get social acknowledgement of their activities, organise their free time more efficiently and improve their chances to be employed.

Lina Nicu


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