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Easter is a Christian celebration that reminds us of Christ’s Resurrection. Every time we celebrate Easter, we should let light into our souls and rejoice in all the different things on this Earth. The paschal celebration is an opportunity for showing our good will and to help those next to us.


The beneficiaries of the daily center prepared thanksgiving and worship for the celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection in a concert entitled „Christ is Risen“. The spectators as well as the participants could meditate and overthink who they want to be and where they want to get to in their lives.


The old people have sung Easter songs, have talked about Jesus and have performed the play „The Last Supper“. All these things were presented with much love for all beneficiaries and staff members of our organisation, with the purpose to remind the people of this divine celebration as well as to remind them to enjoy life and to accept that they can become better and better together with those around them by trying to celebrate the Resurrection in their hearts every day.


My dear, the miracle of Resurrection may bring reconciliation, harmony, forgiveness and love to your hearts! Look ahead in peace and rejoice in a new beginning next to everything that is important for you!!!

Mariana Percic


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