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The childhood is the most beautiful time of our lives which the adult remembers again and again with pleasure. The place where the world strikes you as a magic tale with fairies and monsters to you, where the grandparents were your absolute protectors when you were from time to time playing a trick… Children live in their own world full of joy and games and without worries.


Today was a special day for all children. Today is the International Children’s Day! On this day, every child can feel like the prinicipal actor of its environment. It is a beautiful holiday which reawakens the child in every grown­up, which unsheathes a lot of memories and nostalgia of the uncomplicated, sweet childhood.


Because the 1 June is a so special holiday for children, we could not just skip it for the kids of our Daily Center for Children and the friends that came with them. It was a very special atmosphere of celebration, full of smiles and good mood! The Children could feel themselves as „cooks“ in every sense! The most captivating was for them to participate in the competitions „Little Cooks“, to eat a looooooad of cotton candy and, after a good and solid lunch, to enjoy ice cream with fruits!


We thank a lot our sponsor Eugen Evciuc for the delicious cotton candy which has brought plenty of delight onto the faces of the children and to those, which helped us organising this nice holiday.
Especially we say a big „thank you“ to our dear volunteers!

Chimia Ascherova


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