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“If you were the only person on earth, Christ would have still suffered and died for you.”, said S. Augustine. Guided by this principle and the Christian value of charity, the Charitable Foundation “House of Providence” offered its beneficiaries the possibility to live the blessing of the Resurrection of Christ.

On this occasion, a set of activities were implemented in order to bring our elderly not just the material food of a hot meal, but also the spiritual satisfaction every human being needs. So, the beneficiaries of our Social Canteen were congratulated by the members of our team with the fullness of Christian love. Also, for the purpose of a proper celebration of the greatest holiday and joy, our dear elderly received a little present, consisting of delicious Easter cakes and wonderful little baskets, made by our elderly from the Daily Center, and beautifully decorated with Easter symbols.

The climax of these activities was a Easter spectacle presented by the elderly from our Daily Center. Titled “The Living Water”, the spectacle tells about a group of women who were living in the desert and were in constant need of water. They find out about a man who gives everybody a special water, after which thirst never comes back again. During their search for him, the women find out about Jesus Christ, about His deeds, teachings, and His sacrifice for the entire humanity. They find out that the water they were looking for was not the physical water, but the spiritual one, the living water, which is Faith in Christ. The spectacle, combined with wonderful Easter songs, offered to the spectators the entire atmosphere of the Resurrection of Christ.

The elderly were delighted by the spectacle and the gifts received from the Charitable Foundation “House of Providence”, and enjoyed together the Light of God. Because, as Jaroslav Pelikan said: “If Christ is Risen, everything else doesn’t matter. But if Christ isn’t Risen, then anything else doesn’t matter”.


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