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There are places where it seems that time stops, and the divine becomes almost tangible. Monasteries are that kind of places, planted in the middle of the nature by the pure faith of the monks, who decided to offer their lives to God. Little “universes” opened to everybody, where the flavor of the old history embraces you, and the spiritual light rises you. This kind of monastery is the Saharna Monastery, or actually, its two monasteries.

This holy place was long time a spiritual goal of our Daily Center’s elderly. Encouraged by the spring’s good and sunny weather, they had the occasion to visit this well-known monastic complex. Our international volunteers joined them, wishing to see both the beauties of our country, and the symbols of our culture and the local spirituality. Both the elderly and the volunteers were delighted by the trip.

They visited the land monastery, its beautiful churches, and learned about the exciting history of this site. They also visited the cave monastery, with its poor known history surrounded in mystery. The elderly could see the monk’s cells, and literally touch the ascetic life of the early monks, who lived there long time ago, and their way of life, isolated from the outer world, but so close to God. The monastic atmosphere of sacred peace, that dominates this place, accompanied our elderly and volunteers, who could feel its spiritual closeness to Heaven.

Also, our “delegation” visited the famous cascade of Saharna, and the highness of the nearby hill, where one can see a footprint left by the Virgin Mary, who guided the monks that built the land monastery over two hundred years ago. Although the road to these particular destinations was often difficult, both our elderly and volunteers passed it with incredible vigor, helped by their faith and the spirituality of these places. The beautiful nature and the fresh spring air surrounding it multiplied their feelings. In the end, tired but happy, the elderly and volunteers thanked our foundation for organizing this trip and thanked God for strength, and showed their willingness to visit other such holy places, where the spiritual feelings exceed any physical limits.

Mihail Turcanu

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