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The preparations for the Charitable Foundation’s “House of Providence” summer camp, under the motto “Paint your summer in colors”, are going on. Within these preparations, a training seminary for volunteers, future animators at the camp, was organized on Saturday. Under the theme “Stimulating civic participation and leadership abilities”, the seminary was presented by the well-known trainer Doru Curoșu. More than 30 volunteers participated, both the older ones, and new volunteers, eager to join our team and gain new abilities.

During the event important subjects were approached, like the concept of volunteering n the Republic of Moldova, the importance of volunteering both for the entire society, and for each person individually. The participants could find out teamwork techniques and the steps for the team’s creation, and also with the necessary qualities and steps for becoming a leader. The information gained on this occasion will be necessary both for the organization of the summer camp, and for the personal development of each volunteer. And contributing to the development of the new generations is a fundamental goal of our foundation.

Also, during the event’s activities, the volunteers had the opportunity to better know each other and began forming a team. And the team’s cohesion is fundamental for the summer camp’s organization, and also for other activities of our organization.

The volunteers were delighted of the event and the gained knowledge, and began forming an efficient team. The Charitable Foundation “House of Providence” will continue organizing such events and seminaries for volunteers, within the preparations for the summer camp for children.

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