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On Saturday, December 11th, the foundation of beneficence Casa Providenței organized a new charitable event, destined for the collection of funds, in benefit of children from poor families. The talk is of the magic of well-doing – a complex event, organized as part of the Christmas campaign „Shoes for those without them“, which set the goal to create a beautiful area of joy and gifts, presenting a large diversity of activities. We aim to create a tradition, yearly, in opening the area of Christmas well-doing, an area of good things, beginning each December, at the yard of the foundation. This year marked the debut.

As part of this event, two culinary workshops were organized for the children, where the kids shaped dough, baked Christmas gingerbread, glazed it with chocolate, after which they packed it beautifully and took it home. The workshop’s surprise was father Christmas, who was most curious about their work, the marvelous things they did and how good they were at home.

But the magic of the event didn’t stop at the culinary workshop, the honorary guest of the event, father Christmas, visited every activity, he encouraged every child with best regards and listened to every carol, song and poem which was recited. One after another the children, visitors of the event, were embraced by father Christmas with sweet surprises.

Another zone full of interesting activities, for the children, was the zone of creation. Here the children could participate in a workshop for tinkering greeting cards, where they could choose the greeting card model they desired to create and, conducted by the volunteers, put their creativity into action. The smallest ones, who were more keen to use colours, had the possibility to make cast figures gleam or experiment with magic colours and apply them to thematic drawings. The most sought out activity was face painting – here the children had the chance to become an imaginary character of their choice, through the magic of face painting. The talented volunteers, at the magic of face painting, painted the kids with every image they desired.

The mothers haven’t been forgotten, for them a workshop of creation was prepared, where the participants created some marvellous compositions of Christmas for approximately two hours, out of pine, fir and other ornaments typical for winter, that will bring a plus of colours and aroma to the holiday tables. Every participant went home with their respective composition, prepared with their own personal taste, but under the coordination of a florist specialist who conducted this workshop.

Nor was there an absence of the Christmas market in the area of magic, as part of which a diversity of products have been displayed for sale, who were created timely by the team of volunteers from Casa Providenței. A partner of this event was the foundation of beneficence „Caritas Moldova“, who also presented a rich exposition of decorative products and not only that, but there were also handcrafted by children from rural day-care centres.

Because it’s winter and the temperatures drop with each day, the guests of the charity event „Magia Carității“ (the magic of charity) could warm themselves with mulled wine or tea from natural plants. They could also strengthen themselves with „plăcintă“ (traditional Romanian food) or muffins that were baked in the kitchen of Casa Providenței.

Not to a lesser extent was the fun our volunteers had that day. The volunteers prepared biscuits, they made items that were put out for sale and coordinated the culinary workshops as part of the event. Present volunteers as well as volunteers of the foundation and international ones were involved. We regard them with the thankfulness of the organization and the children, for their work and dedication and the atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood that they created.

We thank all the guests of the event. Together we reached a lovely outcome of 16 686 lei, who will add up into the piggy bank of 40 kids with socially-vulnerable parents in the village of Izvoare. With the money collected by the Christmas campaign „Papucei pentru cei fără de ei“ (Shoes for those without them), we aim to obtain winter footwear, clothes, scholar requisites, presents and sweets for the children, who are very high anticipated amongst them, especially in this period.

The Christmas campaign „Shoes for those without them“ finds itself in the 6th edition. It became a wonderful tradition of the foundation and a spiritual symbol of charity and giving of the moral and Christian values the activities of our organization are founded on.

Rodica Negură

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