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Arriving at the 55th edition, the World Day of Peace marks itself in the Catholic Church on the first of January, as a pastoral occasion of reflection and prayer for peace. This year Pope Francis choose the topic: „Education, work and dialogue between generations: instruments for identifying durable peace“. Education, work and the dialogue between generations are by Pope Francis considered to be „three vast domains, which experience a lot of change today“, who can provide„ an innovative lecture that responds to all the necessities in the present and future, which reminds all of us to read the signs of our present with faithful eyes, because the direction of these times revive new and past questions which are right and important to face (cf. Pope Francis, Dialogue with the Romanian Currier, 21st December 2019).

The press release of the Department for Integral Human Development proposed some questions in regard to:

  • How can instruction and education contribute to construct durable peace?
  • Does work, in the world, respond more or less to the vital necessities of human beings about justice and freedom ?
  • Are the generations really solidary between themselves?
  • Do they believe in the future?
  • Does the conduction of our society achieve to introduce, in this context, a horizon of peace?

The foundation of beneficence Casa Providenței takes the commitment to accord more attention to the components of education as well as non-conflict dialogues and to implement them in dedicated projects, especially with youngsters and children. One of the projects who are based on education and communication of non-violence is the Summer Camp for kids, by means of which, human values can be helped to promote, such as: love, generosity, understanding, faith, tolerance, friendship, kindness, peace etc. The targeted groups of the project are kids and youths. This year we strive to develop the values of children and adolescents, such as: kindness, honour, respect, courage and peace.

Marked annually on the first of January, the World Day of Peace was founded by Saint Paul VI on the 8th December 1967 and was marked for the first time by the same pontiff at the completion of the octave of God’s birthday, „Ruler of Peace“, on the first of January 1968, to remind the faithful society and all humans of a kind-hearted reflection and prayer for peace. The initiative came along, with tradition, from a special massage of the pope.

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