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Christmas is the time of joy. Following two thousand years, the Christ Child brought that joy to the entire world. Today, those who are dedicated, kind-hearted and loving towards their next ones, continue to pass that joy in the hearts and lives of the younger and weaker ones. Dedicated to this mission, is the yearly Christmas campaign „Shoes for those without them“, which cause is to help kids from poor families in Moldavian villages, to make them feel god’s birthday joy in a special way. This year the campaign managed to reach more families in the village of Izvoare and the county of Fălești, bringing presents to 42 kids.

Over a lot of months the team of volunteers from the foundation of beneficence „Casa Providenței“ worked uninterrupted, for the light of god’s birthday to arrive in form of presents at the kids, who live a life full of shortcomings. With much love and dedication, the volunteers worked out many activities for this cause. At first came the preparation, glazing and the wonderful packaging of the biscuits. Simultaneously, the most diverse Christmas decorations were handcrafted. Succeeding, the Christmas markets took place, where all the marvels have been sold for funds. Culinary and creative workshops have been organized, for those who desired, kids as well as parents, to learn from our volunteers, how to prepare biscuits and the making of decorations. A new event for our campaign was „Magia Carității“ (The magic of well-doing), which included the market and workshops, which were spiced with a good will and a happy Christmas atmosphere.

The funds collected after these activities, allowed the opening of the second stage for the campaign, the acquisition of winter footwear for children, the sweets, the requisites for school and other necessities. Not lesser important was the help of partners of the organization, including international ones, as well as all those who wished to contribute to the campaign and bring a smile to children with a difficult life.

And that way, on the 5th of January 2022 came the big day, the day the gifts were given. The volunteers and staff of the foundation of beneficence „Casa Providenței“, along with the mothers of the Providenței sisterhood and Father Vasili Cohanovschi of the „Holly Alois Scrosoppi“ church community went to the village of Izvoare, where they were already anticipated by the children. Wandering from house to house with presents, Christmas and new year carols, a smile and the happiness of Christmas, the „soldiers“ of mercifulness offered the little ones presents, love, Christianity, the magical spirit of god’s birthday and, not to a lesser extent, hope. Because only the gifts, and the practical utility they provide, count. Not lesser but rather more important, was the attention, the care, the love provided by their next ones, who showed the kids and their parents that they are not alone carrying the large weight, not forgotten, not left alone, powerless with all their problems and that they are appreciated. Compelled by emotions, the children remained delighted, and with certainty, touched by the attention and the gifts given. While the Christmas Campaign „Shoes for those without them“ will also continue next year, for that more children can receive gifts and lots of happiness, and for the light of the Christ Child of Bethlehem to prevail against darkness and to arrive at every house.   

We want to thank all partners, friends and guests of the foundation that had faith in our mission and who contributed for all those wonderful things to be made possible.

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