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The ambassador of the United States in Moldova, Kent Logsdon, came to visit the Refugee Center FIDES and Casa Providenței, as part of which, he confirmed that the USA will grant major assistance for Moldova:

„Hello and thanks for being with us today. I am honoured to be here at the FIDES Center, and we express our gratitude for the noble work of American and Moldavian organizations, in handling this crisis.“

„I am grateful to be accompanied by Britton Buckner from the Catholic Relief Services, Edward Lucaci, the director of Caritas Moldova, and Elena Ajder, the director of the FIDES Center. We all thank you for your work.

I am proud to announce that the United States promised to provide 300 million dollars for humanitarian assistance, both in Ukraine and for the regions. Thus, the United States will invest over 30 million dollars in Moldova for the next six months, in order to support the efforts of helping refugees, as well as the ones I have seen here today, at the FIDES Center.“

You can find the whole declaration of the ambassador on the homepage of the American Embassy: md.usembassy.gov

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