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The 8th of March, which is celebrated around the world as the National Day of Women, wasn’t a usual day even at the Temporary Residence Center for Refugees on Str. Mușatinilor 1, organized on the basis of the foundation „Casa Providenței“ and „Ioan Paul II“. Despite the difficult times, facing the war in our neighbouring country, the volunteers of the foundation „Casa Providenței“ didn’t miss out on the opportunity to bring a smile to the faces of the refugees, a majority of them women with their children, who needed to flee their country because of the bombings.

Equipped with flowers, the volunteers made the women refugees, accommodated at the center, a pleasant surprise, including the employees at the foundation, who take care of the refugees. For their part, the nuns of the Sisterhood Providenței, who fulfil their deeds in diocesan social structures at Str. Mușatinilor 1, made gift cards with sweets, a hug and a word of comfort.

Obviously excited and surprised, the mothers and grandmothers accommodated at the Residence Center received the gifts with delight and thanked, sometimes even with tears of joy. The festive atmosphere grasped the whole center, and allowed for a brief moment to forget all the troubles of this time, marked by war.

The mission of the volunteers was a success. Mothers and grandmothers were happy about their gifts, which showed them that they’re welcomed in this center and that the volunteers, employees and sisters are dedicated to a warm welcome, springing from Christian mercy and love. Because the mission of the Residence Center, other than the guarantee of stay and a warm meal, also is the certainty of a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is what Pope Francis repeats on each occasion, emphasizing that no one has to stay in solitude.

Autor: Mihail Țurcanu

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