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On Saturday, the 4th of December, two culinary workshops were organized for the children in course of the Christmas Campaign „Shoes for those without them“. For two hours, 33 children modelled ginger bread with dough out of forms and their imagination, after which they used chocolate to glaze it, giving the already delicious ginger bread a plus in flavour. The activities weren’t limited to just cooking, the children danced, played, made Christmas cards for someone dear to them, and they listened to a story about the most beautiful gift of Christmas, aromatized by Cozonac (Romanian Christmas bread) with warm milk.

This activity was prepared beforehand by the team of volunteers, who planned every step, prepared the Christmas bread and materials for the Christmas cards, and kneaded the gingerbread dough. Everything was done to create a beautiful and happy atmosphere for the kids attending the workshops. The enthusiasm of the children was the most wonderful reward for the work that was put in.

The gingerbread made by the children was brought home by the small cooks and shared with the whole family. This way, the kids understood that giving brings more joy.

 The next activities of this kind will take place on the 11th of December, as part of the event „Magia Cariții“ (The Magic of well-doing), on the yard of the Foundation of Beneficence „Casa Providenței“, on 11:00 AM and 2:00PM.

The workshop is only one of the many activities organized as part of the Christmas Campaign „Shoes for those without them“,  which main goal is to help children from socially vulnerable families. This year we aim to bring joy to the lives of 40 kids in the village of Izvoare.

For more details about the campaign, click here: Papucei pentru cei fără de ei

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