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Referring to the war in Ukraine, Pope Francis said after „Angelus”: „All of this is inhuman! Indeed, it is a sacrilege, because it is against the sacredness of human lives, the more against human lives without defence, who need to be respected and protected, not eliminated, and who come before any strategies! Let’s not forget: it is a cruelty, inhuman and sacrilegious”.

After the prayer of the psalm from Holy Mary „All of God”, Pope Francis reminded: „Unfortunately, the aggression against Ukraine won’t stop, a massacre without reason in which atrocities are repeated each day. The is no justification for this action.”

The Holy Father pleads for „all actors of international communities to make a real effort on stopping this disgusting war.” Also, this week, the pontiff added, „rockets and bombs fell on civilians, elderly, children and pregnant women.”

All of this is inhuman

The Pope recalled that on Saturday, the 19th of March, in celebration of Holy Joseph, he went to visit the injured children who arrived from Ukraine and are taken care of, at the paediatric hospital „Bambino Gesù”, in Rome.  „One is missing a hand, the other one has an injury on the head……innocent children” – said the Holy Father, directing his thoughts towards „millions of refugees from Ukraine, who had to flee, leaving everything behind”, whilst feeling deep sorrow for those who don’t even have the possibility of escaping this war.

„So many elderly people, sick and poor, separated from their families, so many children and fragile people are left to die from bombs, with no one to help and without finding at least safety in bunkers. All of this is inhuman! It is a sacrilege, because it is against the sacredness of human lives, especially against human lives without defence, who need to be respected and protected, not eliminated, and who come before any strategy! Let’s not forget: It is a cruelty, inhuman and sacrilegious. Let us pray, in silence, for those who suffer” – said the Holy Father.

Let us stay close to this maltreated folk

Pope Francis emphasized that it is comforting that „the population remaining under bombardment is in no lack of priests, who in these tragic days, live the gospel of charity and brotherhood“. The pontiff said, that he heard „ from one of them, on the telephone, over the last days“ and that they are „close to the folk of God“. He expresses his gratitude for their testimony, for the aid they offer „to so many people in desperation“.

The thoughts of Pope Francis also turned towards the apostolic nuncio, Monsignor Visvaldas Kulbokas, who stayed in Kiev together with his associates. „His presence there makes me feel close, day-to-day, to the maltreated people of Ukraine.” – Pope Francis said, urging us to stay close to  „these tormented people”, to embrace them with affection, mercy and prayers. „And, I beg you, let us not get used to war and violence, not get tired of greeting them with generosity, as we do now.  Especially, not only now in a case of emergency, but also in the weeks and month that will follow. Because, how we have learned, in the beginning we do our best to approach the people, but with time our hearts get cold and we forget. Let us think about these children, these women, who with the passage of time, without a job, away from their husband, will be sought out after predators from our society. Let us protect them, I beg you!”

Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

At last, Pope Francis addressed every community and every Cristian and plead to join the Annunciation Day on the 25th of March, at the „Solemn Act of Consecration of Humanity, especially for Russia and Ukraine, with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because she, as the Queen of Peace, maintains the peace of the world. Simultaneously, the same act will be celebrated at Fatima, by Konrad Krajewski, instead of Pope Francis.

Source: www.vaticannews.va

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