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This Saturday morning, the volunteers of “Casa Providenței” gathered to bake cookies with the theme of the winter holidays.

They were early risers and came from 10 in the morning armed with rolling pins, strength in their arms and the will to work. After a short training session, the volunteers began preparing and rolling out the dough. The biscuits are prepared according to a Polish recipe and are unusually aromatic and spicy. However, for the best possible taste, the “confectioners” took care to put the most important ingredient – love. The biscuits are intended for sale during the “Magic of Charity” events and Christmas markets on December 4, 10 and 17. With the money obtained, gifts and winter shoes will be purchased for 40 children from socially-vulnerable families in the village of Costuleni as part of the campaign organized annually “Shoes for those without them”.

15 volunteers who were eager to work managed to bake more than 350 delicious cookies. After tasting them, the volunteers themselves were shocked of the goodies they were able to cook. The next step allowed them to let their imagination run wild and glaze the cookies as creatively as possible. Some of them managed to create real works of art.

In addition to the pragmatic purposes of this activity, it also served to strengthen the foundation’s volunteer community. They spent a day together and showed unity and teamwork. Even if such a day seems exhausting, work is no longer work when you are having fun. I asked a volunteer if she wasn’t tired after a whole day of making biscuits, and she answered me like this: “I can’t say that such an activity tired me. Knowing its ultimate goal, it was more than a pleasure to work, especially while being surrounded by so many wonderful people.”

More details about the Christmas campaign “Slippers for those without them” can be found HERE.

Author: Cosmin Cojocari

Translation: Nicolae Rotarciuc

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