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Preparations for the campaign “Slippers for those without them” continue! This time, it was not the volunteers who were targeted in the culinary activity, but 19 refugee children from the “After school” project developed in partnership with Caritas Moldova and Caritas Norway. Obviously, the activity was prepared and coordinated by some brave volunteers, so that the children could express their own personalities through the shapes they gave to the cakes and the way they chose to decorate them. Although there might be a language barrier, that didn’t stop the volunteers from accepting the challenge of sharing their culinary skills with the children. Moreover, to prevent such impediments, two refugee mums hosted by the “House of Providence” jumped in to help and took on the role of intermediaries.

This task was welcomed with open arms by the children. For them, it was not limited to cooking, but they lived the experience of a real baker for a day.

In conclusion, we can say that this activity had several purposes. Firstly, it served as a recreational occupation for the refugee children, who worked while having fun making biscuits. Secondly, these goodies will be sold at the Christmas fairs organized by “Providence House” on 10 and 17 December, which aim to raise funds for the ” Slippers for those without them” campaign. In this way, they not only helped to sweeten the holidays for future clients, but also helped to make the winter holidays brighter for other children in need. Thirdly, they baked cookies for them too. After making them, the children shared them with their families, which served as a lesson for them. They understood that the charm of the winter holidays is to make your loved ones happy and that the source of your happiness is actually the joy of your family and friends.

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