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The Charitable Foundation “Casa Providenţei” is a non-commercial organization, without members, having a humanitarian and charitable character, carrying out a non-profit activity, founded pursuant to the decision of incorporation of the Roman – Catholic Diocese of Chişinău.

The activity of the Foundation is oriented towards the promotion of:

• Social assistance and social protection;
• Knowledge acquisition and propagation;
• Education and formation;
• Health protection;
• Human rights and values;
• Other fields of social utility;

The main activities of the Foundation:

• Supporting the socially vulnerable layers, regardless of age, sex, nationality, race, religious appurtenance, etc;
• Making people and various organizations realize the necessity of implementing Christian charity and philanthropy in our society;
• To deepen the existing cultural and social experiences in the Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with the international community;
• Contributing to the development of Moldovan society, to the creation and growth of the personal identity of citizens, intensifying the friendship, partnership and solidarity relationships with other nations;
• Creating the necessary mechanisms for performing deeds of Christian charity.