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This year the “Boots for those in need“ campaign decided to bring some happiness into the lives of 30 children from the villages Zîrnești and Paicu. They will receive their long awaited boots during a celebration dedicated to them on the 27th of December at the school located in Zîrnești.

In order to reach our goal of buying the footwear there will be organised:

  • 2 Christmas fairs, in front of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Chișinău “Providența Divină” (str. Mitropolit Dosoftei 85) on the 8th and 22nd of December, from 10:00 –14:00.
  • a small Christmas card store, where everything on sale will be handmade by our volunteers.
  • a Christmas caroling campaign organised by our volunteers, who will spread the joy of Christmas among different organisations.

At the 2 fairs, the items sold will be Christmas decorations and merchandise and also handmade by our volunteers. The star of the show will be the very delicious cookies, made by our employees and volunteers here at Casa Providentei, which we are sure will delight you.

More about the children and the Campaign

The “Boots for those in need” campaign is a charity organised by the Charitable Foundation “Casa Providenței” during the holiday season. Our goal is helping the children of families in need from rural areas. The children helped are between 7 and 12 years old coming from socially vulnerable families (families with many children, single parents, unemployed parents or alcoholic ones) from regions all over Republic of Moldova. These children are deprived of the opportunity to attend school regularly, a decisive moment in their personal formation, because of the poor financial situation of the family, including the lack of adequate footwear for the cold and rainy season, as this footwear is absolutely necessary for travelling the distance on country roads.

Thus, the “Boots for those in need” campaign has a double mission to support these children. On one hand, the children receive good quality footwear that otherwise their parents would have been almost unable to purchase. On the other hand, the footwear comes in the form of a gift from Santa during the most anticipated and beloved period of the season, Christmas. Thus, handing the boots is not just a formal act, it also comes with a magical day organized for the children by the volunteers of the Foundation, where they will be able to enjoy games, creative activities, dances, songs and other gifts meant to make them feel the joy of the holiday season.

We invite you to join us in this campaign that will continue until December 27 2019, by the following means:

  • Acquisition of the handmade Christmas cards from the team of volunteers;
  • Donations;
  • Taking part in our Christmas Fairs;

For more details you can contact us by telephone +373 22 581 970; +373 69443555 or email: casaprovidentei@gmail.com

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