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Fundația de Binefacere Casa Providentei
Director: Elena Ajder
Address: Chișinău, str.Mușatinilor 1
Tel: 022581970, 022588636
Fax: 022501694
C/F: 1012620000714
Banca: B.C. „Mobiasbanca-Groupe Societe Generale” S.A.


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Monthly more than 100 elderly came humbly to us, in a hurry and ashamed, sometimes, of the state in which they are, as they were teachers, doctors, engineers, educators and finally they are a burden to themselves. The number of persons who asks for our help is constantly growing.

Ms. Alexandra has 77 years, she worked all her life as accountant, and with her husband raised two beautiful daughters. They have tried to provide the best for them, helping them to make their way in life. The eldest daughter had a family, brought joy to her parents through two grandchildren, but the economist salary did not allow to support her family in the country and she had to choose exile. So at first she just went to work abroad, and after the whole family followed her. The second daughter is an unemployed teacher being alcohol addicted, for this reason she often argued with the parents. For more than four years Mrs. Alexandra is widow, and it is almost impossible for her to face alone with the hardships of the old age. After breast cancer was detected she was immediately operated, and since then health problems have multiplied. She is not allowed to do exercise or to lift weights, but who will do it when no one is visiting her, tells tearful Mrs. Alexandra. All the pension of 1120 lei (about 50 euros) she is dividing between medicine and bills always growing for apartment maintenance, having almost anything for food. The Soup Kitchen is a blessing for her. She is eating soup here often without bread, keeping a quarter of bread for morning tea, and carefully puts the second course in a jar and takes it home for dinner. She eats only a lunch all day. From bread she receives weekly as a supplement, she cooks crackers for Saturdays, Sundays and for the coming months she will not come at the canteen.