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01 December, 2023
3:48 am

He became man! The creator has taken the form of his creation! Unbelievable and paradoxical! If this is true, then I have the ability to become… but I am afraid to repeat the words of another spiritual seeker… Is it true that “If God became man, man can become God” as Saint Afonasii and many other past and current spiritual teachers. This is an obvious truth that can be traced throughout the Gospel and said by the on Himself born of the Virgin Mary who assured us: we will come and make abodes with you, because by grace you have already become a part of God’s nature.
The fear to become who you are called to be moves you away from human nature, as we are all created in the image and likeness of God.
Belief in this possibility and thanks to Him who opens the door to new possibilities- that is who opens the gate into a New World, will allow you to feel a real Christmas, where miraculous transformations will occur in both your spiritual and physical life.

Merry Christmas!

With prayers for you and all your relatives,
Deacon Edgar Vulpe