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One of the most important and most beautiful Christian celebrations is the Resurrection of Christ. It means deliverance and gifting – deliverance from the original sin and gifting of an eternal life. In this year, the Catholic and the Orthodox Christians celebrate the Resurrection at intervals of about one month, this fact is not hindering us to rejoice together with our friends though, given that every joy grows when shared. So the beneficiaries of our Social Canteen project also took part in the Joy of Resurrection, sharing with each other not only light and peace, but also symbolic material like cozoncacs and red eggs, which didn’t lack on any table that day.

We can call us a happy collective because we have the oppurtunity to bring light and joy on the faces of so many lonely elderly people. The Easter days give us an oppurtunity to live up to the law of love which hopefully will become a normality in the everyday life of more and more people, following the command of Jesus: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Matthew 22:39)

Rodica Negura