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Julian Heide

Tell something about you (studies, family, hobbies, dreams, etc.)

I´m Julian Heide, volunteer from Germany. I just finished school in this year and I´ve already early decided to work somewhere in a social project in order to see a bit more of what you see as a tourist in general and of course in order to do something “good” for people. In my leisure time I really like reading, doing sport or travelling anywhere.

Why did you choose this project ( Why Moldova? Why Casa Providentei?)

Actually Moldova was not my first choice. I wanted to go to Ukraine and work there in an Eastern Ukrainian city but because of the political situation there it was not possible. So I discovered Moldova as the place for my volunteering because here I have the opportunity to practise my Russian and because of the really interesting and diverse project I could work in. So the Casa Providentei gives us space to work with elderly people and with children.

Did you have cultural shock?

Not at all. The people working in Casa Providentei make me feel comfortable since the first day of my stay.

Do you like your project? And what motivates you to come every day at work?

I really like the project and my work. In general there are three things motivating me every day to go to work: First the really nice and jovial work with the staff, the little jokes and the daily conversations. Second the real grateful atmosphere feeling in the social canteen. And third a lot of story and narrations you are confronted with in our daily center for alderly. They could be interesting or oppressive, funny or really terrible.

What plans do you have after (EVS) volunteer work?

After my volunteering I want to start studying at a German university, probably social sciences.

How would you characterize Moldova in 3 words ? And why?
As a Western European you don´t expect what you are supposed to see in Moldova. Everybody is only think of horrible poverty.

In Chisinau you can meet really exciting and interesting people having different attitudes towards politics, life, society, from ecology activits up to decendents of German immigrants.

Wine and grapes are not only visible everywhere on markets but also passengers flying with Air Moldova can try wine. And it´s really good.