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Kathrin, can you tell something about yourself?
My name is Kathrin Nicolay, I am 19 years old and come from West Germany, more precisely from the „Saarland“. Since september of last year I am a volunteer in Casa Providentei. I like doing handicrafts, meeting friends, reading or playing games in my freetime. Something very important in my life is my faith, for this reason I was helping at many different places of the church in Germany, working with children and teenagers.

Why did you decide to absolve a voluntary service?
I always liked getting involved with my fellow men and was interested in other countries and cultures. That’s why I decided early to choose an organization after my A-level to campaign for people in another country, which do not have the same life standard as I do.

Why did you decide to go to the Republic of Moldova?
Because of my big interest in international understanding within Europe, for me it was certain to work in an European country from the beginning on. Because I wanted to get to know a new culture and country, but also help people, that did not have as much luck in life as I had until now, East Europe was a good option for me. Very interesting in this context appeared the Republic of Moldova, about which I did not really know anything at that time, and that also keeps the possibility of learning two different languages; Rumanian and Russian.

What experience did you gain since the beginning of your voluntary service?
During my voluntary service I could already get to know the work with elderly people, and I really learned to appreciate it. Especially the commitment in the daily center for elderly people and in the social cantine made me realize what pure grace of charity means. Also the huge gratitude of these people is an experience, that touches me every single day. The same is valid for the geniality and hospitality of many Moldovan, like I almost never had experienced it before. To put it in a nutshell, I learned to see the beauty of this country, in spite of all it’s problems.

What are your plans for your continuing life? What are your expectations for the time after your voluntary service?
After my voluntary service I would like to absolve studies, which allows me the work with human. Furthermore it is important for me, to keep getting involved with needy people also after my voluntary service. I would like to discover more of East Europe too, for example travel to Poland, Hungary or Russia.