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Lalita Fragor

Tell something about you (studies, family, hobbies, dreams, etc.)
I’m really interested in learning more about the environment and our planet, and hopefully work with something connected to this in the future!
Why did you choose this project (Why Moldova? Why Casa Providenței?)
I choose this project because I talked to a volunteer at Casa Providentei and he said it was a really good project with lots of nice and friendly people!
Did you have cultural shock?
I think I had a bit of a cultural shock in the beginning. For example the apartment I live in now is very different from my apartment in Sweden, so the first time I entered the door to my “new home” I just wondered what was going on! Also something I thought was hard to get used to be the street dogs. Before I came here I had never seen a street dog and I thought it was really sad.
Do you like your project? And what motivates you to come every day at work?
Yes I like my project, I love working at Casa Providentei! Every person I meet through the whole day is really nice and I always feel really happy at work. I think that everyone feels special and noticed at my project.
What plans do you have after EVS?
After my EVS I will go back home to Sweden, and I really hope I can get a job in an ecological store near the town I live! And eventually I will go to university.
How would you characterize Moldova in 3 words? And why?
• Beautiful (I like that there’s a lot of trees everywhere and that the houses are very different from each other).
• Special (I’ve never seen a country like Moldova before, for example if you are in Chisinau it is in one way, but if you travel out of the city it is completely different! There are really big contrasts in Moldova.)
• Divided (When it comes to language some people knows Russian, some Romanian and a lot of people both. It’s one country but still 2 languages.)