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Republic of Moldova

My name is Lina, I am 17 and I am from Moldova. I have been volunteer for already several years and I love a lot this activity of mine. Since I was child, I have been taught by my father that I must offer help to all those who needs it, even for a simple “Thank you”. I have been trying to approach this expression, and I am sure was able to. I have never thought that one day I will become a real volunteer because everybody around was saying that this is silly to work for free, spending your time and forces over the people you don’t know well, and the whole life has to be lived exclusively for yourself.

As I mentioned above, for already couple years I have been volunteering, and during all these years, every day I meet children that, I hope, need my help, despite how little it is. I love seeing them happy, and this fact motivates me a lot. Even if I am moody, kids’ smiles bring me to life. In my future I wish to roll around the idea of volunteering. I wish I could make some volunteering in Africa and India, because I think local people also need some help and I would just love to learn some new interesting useful things from them. In regard to volunteer’s features, I consider that he/she should be joyful, open-minded, communicable, generous and always ready to offer some help.