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Tell me something about yourself
My name is Philippa Kadenbach and I come from Dresden, Germany. I am 18 years old and I have both a big and a little sister. I have been playing the flute for ten years now and it is a lot of fun. Furthermore I love baking, singing and reading, playing card games or meeting friends in my freetime.

When, how and why did you decide to do a voluntary service?
Actually I always had the wish to go abroad. After my big sister came back from Romania, I decided to go to the west of Europe too. I don’t only want to get to know a new culture and to learn a new language but also to help people, that do not have the same possibilities and choices as we do in Germany. Furthermore I see volunteering as a good possibility to develope and to get to know myself better. This could also help to find the right subject of studying.

Do you like what you are doing here? Are there some new things you learned?
Yes, I love my work here, and the time is running faster and faster. I can not imagine being here for five months now.
I especially like the work in the cantine, because I never did something like this before, and also I never had worked with elderly people before. I gained a new ability: I can walk with two plates completely filled with soup without spilling it. Moreover I feel that I have really changed since my arrivel, in a positive way.

What do you think about the Casa Providentei and the Republic of Moldova?
I really like Casa Providentei, above all because of the solidarity and the familiar contact in the team, but also with the people in need. It is senseable as a place, where people love to come to.

The Republic of Moldova shaped up as a country with many contrasts and conflicts – For example there is no standard language. Also the contrast between urban and rural area, and between rich and poor is extreme. But I still adore this country and already know: When there comes the time I have to leave I will do both, laugh and cry.

What do you expect after the end of your volunteering?
After my voluntary service I would like to study something, but I am not completely sure about what exactly yet. Furthermore I would like to work more honorary in Germany, because I think it is good to help people. Also I can say for myself that I won’t work with children.